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Meet Dr. Cesare

Dr. Geo Cesare is a compassionate and heart-centered physical therapist, visionary, educator and successful entrepreneur inspired to share the wisdom of Integrative Medicine, Yoga and scientific rehabilitation with health care professionals and the public.

He is available for private consultations, workshops and mentoring.

About Dr. Cesare

Radiant Balance

Radiant Balance is a comprehensive 90-day program combining essential physical therapy, yoga therapy and integrative strategies to measurably improve balance and prevent falls. This unique, fun and easy to follow program incorporates mind, body and spirit into the healing process and will help anyone feeling unsteady on their feet improve inner and outer strength and stability, while uplifting self-confidence. The benefit is more balance confidence following surgery, a fall and with the natural aging process.

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"Through personal collaboration with Dr. Cesare, I have experienced first-hand what a gifted and knowledgeable healer and educator he is. With his breadth of training, he incorporates mind, body and spirit into the healing process to create balance in all aspects of a person’s life."

Sheila Patel, M.D.
Chopra Center Medical Director of Mind Body Medical Center

"Not only is Dr. Cesare a gifted physical therapist, but he is genuinely kind-hearted and compassionate. In only a few weeks, I have experienced both physical and emotional healing because of Dr. Cesare’s mind/body/spirit healing methods. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

Physical Therapy Patient

"If I had two words to describe Dr. Cesare it would be “Conscious Healer”. His unique and broad training allows him to pull from multiple modalities to help people attain the best outcome."

Valencia Porter, M.D., M.P.H., FACN

Chopra Center Director of Integrative Medicine

Private Consultations with Dr. Cesare

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